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We make every arrangeent, air fare, transportation, new cat carrier with food/water dishes, health certificate from our veterinarian , along with the flight aclaimation certificate. All of these things are required by the airline to fly a live pet. The cost of flying a kitty is the responsibility of the purchaser. But however, we usually have free coupons which enable us to ship our kittens/cats for free to any major airport.

Each airline has slightly different ways of handling their live pet programs. Some airlines do not have a live pet program. The ones that do, have temperature controlled cargo facilities for the kittens. Some airlines have temperature parameters within which they are willing to fly a live animal. We will be happy to explain all of these things to you and arrange a flight compatible to your schedule.

We have great success with all of the airlines we have used to ship our kittens. They are gentle and careful and your special new friend arrives happy and ready to be in their forever home.

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